Here’s a bunch of the changes I’ve made to this app since I launched it, if that interests you.


  • Another major rewrite of some of the underlying bits of the site; this time I’ve rebuilt the navigation to support a larger amount of content. I’m hoping to add tools for Root of Nightmares as soon as that raid goes live, along with more guides and information to support learning the existing raids.


  • I’ve significantly rewritten a large amount of the underlying application to make it more extensible, so that I can add raid tools for other raids to it. The first of these is the newly-added Bonus Chest tool for the King’s Fall raid. I’ve also made a bunch of small UI improvements that should hopefully be subtle and inoffensive, but which I prefer.
  • Since the app is now not just glyphs for the Vow of the Disciple raid, I’ve decided to update the subdomain the app sites on. The default domain is now, but you should get automatically redirected now.


  • I bought a new domain! From now on the default domain for this app will be Please update your bookmarks whilst I try and work out how to get Netlify to redirect all the old URLs.


  • Added a sidebar for displaying Bonus Chest rooms that can appear alongside other pages on a larger display.


  • Updated Bonus Chest tracker to save your glyphs (using localStorage) so it’s still there if you navigate away from the page.


  • Add Bonus Chest tracker tool
  • Made various improvements to Memory game: you can now view your final gameboard and inspect each card to better learn the glyphs.


  • Fixed an issue with the Memory game on older webkit-based browsers


  • Added the Memory game
  • Simplified the Exhibition encounter


  • Added simple mode to Acquisition encounter
  • Added Exhibition encounter


  • Initial release!